1. Highlights

    In genetically predisposed individuals, ingestion of gluten may cause an inflammatory response leading to celiac disease. Aronsson and colleagues enrolled 6605 children in a prospective observational birth cohort study and found that higher gluten intake during the first 5 years of life wa...


  2. JAMA

    JAMA Network is a consortium of peer-reviewed print and online medical publications that includes JAMA ® , JAMA Network Open , and 11 other specialty journals.


  3. Gomers

    The Dean was a gentle, bearded man, a pipe-smoking neurologist. He loved to sail in the San Juan islands. He was a far-seeing person and was not given to anger. The failures, large and small, of his medical students were duly noted, but the Dean always saw past these failures...


  4. Promoting Trust Between Patients and Physicians in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

    This Viewpoint discusses the use of artificial intelligence in health care and its potential effect on how patients access care and how physicians and patients make decisions.

  5. For Mortality, Busting the Myth of 10 000 Steps per Day

    This Medical News article discusses a recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine on the association of daily steps with all-cause mortality.

  6. Association Between Long-term Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution and Change in Quantitatively Assessed Emphysema and Lung Function

    This cohort study examines the association between long-term exposure to ambient ozone, black carbon, and other air pollutants and progression of CT-defined percent emphysema and decline in lung function in adults in 6 US metropolitan regions.

  7. Association of Gluten Intake During the First 5 Years of Life With Incidence of Celiac Disease Autoimmunity and Celiac Disease Among Children at Increased Risk

    This cohort study investigates the association between gluten intake in the first 5 years of life and celiac disease autoimmunity and biopsy-confirmed celiac disease in genetically at-risk children over a median 9-year follow-up.

  8. Association of Intensive vs Standard Blood Pressure Control With Cerebral White Matter Lesions

    This substudy of the SPRINT randomized clinical trial evaluates the association between intensive (systolic blood pressure <120 mm Hg) vs standard (<140 mm Hg) blood pressure control and changes in cerebral white matter lesion and total brain volumes among hypertensive adults...

  9. Association of Midlife to Late-Life Blood Pressure Patterns With Incident Dementia

    Over 24 years plus follow-up, this community-based cohort study monitored individuals categorized by midlife and late-life blood pressure levels to evaluate association between blood pressure levels and incident dementia.

  10. A Delicate Bond

    In this narrative medicine essay, a pediatrician realizes after her infant daughter undergoes treatment for elevated bilirubin that until then her advice to new parents may have interfered with the infant-mother bond yet forgives herself the distress she may have caused.