1. Activation to Arrival: Transition and Handoff from Emergency Medical Services to Emergency Departments

  2. Time is Brain: Setting Neurologic Patients Up for Success from Emergency Department to Hospital Admission

  3. Handoff from Operating Room to Intensive Care Unit: Specific Pathways to Decrease Patient Adverse Events

  4. The Transition from the Hospital to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting for Neurologic Patients

  5. Transitions of Care for Patients with Neurologic Diagnoses Transition from the Intensive Care Unit to the Floor

  6. Understanding the Experience of Early Supported Discharge from the Perspective of Patients with Stroke and Their Carers and Health Care Providers: A Qualitative Review

  7. The Hospital to Home Transition Following Acute Stroke

  8. The Projected Transition Trajectory for Survivors and Carers of Patients Who Have Had a Stroke

  9. The Transition Trajectory for the Patient with a Traumatic Brain Injury

  10. The Projected Care Trajectory for Persons with Epilepsy